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83' CX-650 Eurosport

( Norway - imported from Italy)

83' GL Silverwing 650

(Svein Fagereng, Norway - imported from USA)

Winter in Norway...

Same as above

CX 500A - 1981

(Rob Davis, UK)


(Tony Morgan, Canada)

83' CX 650

(Tom Stodola, California)

84 CX 650

(Giuseppe Muscò (Crotone, Italy))

CX - 500

(Berth Westman from Sweden)

83' CX 500 C

CX 500

(Arto Heikkinen - Finland - imported from Germany)

CX 500c

(Steve Roberts - Australia. Just restored)


CX 500 - 1978

Left picture:

My name is Roy and I'm from Canada where a CX is unapreciated. I bought it in stock form after the last owner left it outside since 1985. I did a complete engine rebuild and then decided to improve the looks. I did everything myself. The biggest headache were the electrical work, but it was well worth it! Everyone loves it and the sound is amazing!

CX 500, 78' (Ron, Netherlands)

CX 500, 79' (Gjøran, Sweden)

GL 500, 82' (Mark from UK)

GL 650, 83' (Gjøran, Sweden)

GL 650 (Erwin Rietveld Netherlands)

1983 CX650C in South Carolina, USA

From Johan en Dineke de Vries

Jim and Diane, Canada

CX-500E, 1983

Ryza Sadler - South Africa

Say no more...

GL 500 Interstate, 1981 - Merv palmer - Canada

2013 Edition

Some nice CX's

(Thierry Rodes, France - Normandie )